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Essential Living Breast Health Initiative team will come to your Masjid, Islamic Center, home or where ever Muslim women come together for learning, sharing and growing to provide breast cancer awareness information and to conduct free clinical breast examinations. Please come grow with us!

Yes Sisters! Breast Cancer is in your hands. It does not matter what our ethnic, cultural, socio-economic or educational backgrounds are, we all share a most important fact, we are women and we are at risk for breast cancer.

The recommended Breast Cancer Screenings are to:

Perform Breast Self Examinations (BSE) beginning at age 20 years and on a monthly basis. Performing BSE monthly makes us knowledgeable of our breasts feel and texture.

Obtain a Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) by your Doctor or Health Care Provider at age 20 years or older and on an annual basis as part of a complete physical exam.

Schedule yourself for Mammography ~ if you are younger than 40 years of age depending on physical findings, family history and doctor's recommendation for a mammogram and its frequency; if you are 40 and older a mammogram is required annually.

We all ask, "who is at risk for breast cancer"? We've learned and we share this ~ just being a woman; being over 50 years of age; family history of breast cancer; personal history of breast cancer; having no children or having children after the age of 30; overweight/high fat diet; early menstruation/late menopause; previous breast biopsy that showed atypical hyperlasia or lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS).

We've learned and we share that 1% of people treated for breast cancer are men.

We all ask, "what am I looking for when performing my monthly BSE"? The following may be warning signs of cancer~but does not always mean cancer is present ~ a firm lump that feels different from the tissue around it; a change in skin texture or color; a dimple (skin depression) in the breast; a nipple that becomes pulled in (retracted); a bloody discharge from a nipple; a change in the size or shape of just one (not both) of your breasts.

You are the most knowledgeable about your body, you are responsible for the day to day care of your body. You must know the recommended breast cancer screenings, the risks for breast cancer and the warning signs of breast cancer. Breast Health is in YOUR hands!!

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Essential Living for Muslim Women

Essential Living for Muslim Women