Essential Living for Muslim Women




Allah, Most Gracious tells us: 30:30 “Therefore you shall devote yourself to the religion of strict monotheism. Such is the natural instinct placed into the people by Allah. Such creation of Allah will never change. This is the perfect religion, but most people do not know”.

This religion of Islam, submission to Allah, Most Gracious is fully integrated in each and every person; it is inherent in human nature regardless of gender, age, culture and/or tradition. Our greatest responsibility is to read the Holy Qur’an and to live according to our understanding. It is Allah, Most Gracious who guides to the straight path everyone who turns to Him in complete sincerity.

Allah, Most Gracious tells us: 20:2-3 “We did not reveal the Qur’an to you to cause you any hardship. Only to remind the reverent”.

It is baseless to assert that the Holy Qur’an is hard to understand. Allah, Most Gracious has stated in many verses that the Holy Qur’an is clear and easy to understand. Allah, Most Gracious is pleased to choose Islam as our religion, and the religion for all humanity. As Muslims, as believers it is our duty to exemplify that the religion of Islam is easy, in efforts to kindle people’s hearts with the Holy Qur’an as the only guide for their lives. It is our responsibility to help people to realize that their lives will not be more comfortable if they disregard the Holy Qur’an, nor will embracing the Holy Qur’an restrict their enjoyment of life. Allah, Most Gracious is completely aware of what works best for His creation. Allah, Most Gracious has set appropriate limits which support our life and livelihood in a society where people do not know the boundaries of Allah, Most Gracious or who exceed the boundaries set by Allah, Most Gracious.

We strive to live our lives as Believers according to what Allah, Most Gracious, has revealed in the Holy Qur’an. All over the world, believers strive to exhibit the best character that will please Allah, Most Gracious. All over the world believers strive to avoid behaviors that displease Allah, Most Gracious. By the mercy and permission of Allah, Most Gracious, we have been chosen and we have embraced Islam, a religion which is easy to follow and results in a good and content way of life.

Allah, Most Gracious tells us: 2:185….. “Allah wishes for you convenience, not hardship. That you may fulfill your obligations and to glorify Allah for guiding you, and to express your appreciation”.

When there are attempts to deviate from the simplicity and ease of Islam, then distortions, myths and practices are established and people with or without knowledge find it hard to live according to religious morality. Yet, we have seen examples throughout the Holy Qur’an of all the Prophets of Allah, Most Gracious living and stating the ease of submitting to the will of Allah, Most Gracious.

Allah, Most Gracious tells us: 2:177 “Righteousness is not only turning your faces towards east or west; Righteous are those who believe in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, and the Prophets, and give wealth in spite of love for it, to the relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask and for freeing slaves; for those who established prayer and gives zakah; those who fulfill their promise when they promise; and those who are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. These are the ones who have been true and it is these who are the righteous”.

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Essential Living for Muslim Women

Essential Living for Muslim Women