Essential Living for Muslim Women


  1. To establish the Holy Qur'an/Sunnah of Allah in our lives as
    individual Muslims, collectively as a Sisterhood and as a Muslim community.

  2. To establish a Sisterhood of Muslim Women without regard to
    language, ethnicity, national origin, race and of every shade of opinion.

  3. To empower Muslim Women based on Taqwa, (God Consciousness), to confidently commit to the support of one another for the betterment of the Muslim community.

  4. To enable Muslim women to identify as practicing Muslim, servants of
    Allah and unite on matters that concern Women in Al Islam.

  5. To stimulate Muslim Women to take the first initiative in
    self-health and healthcare.

  6. To cooperate with other organizations of Muslim Women that enhance
    the spirit of our mission statement.


Essential Living for Muslim Women

Essential Living for Muslim Women